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Menstrual cups are the single most sustainable period product on the market apart from free-bleeding. Now that's #choice


Menstrual Cups are a small cup-like device used inside your body to collect your menstrual fluid. They can be used for up to 8 hours and are super comfortable to the point you even forget you have your period! 

Menstrual cups are the single most environmentally friendly menstrual product available to manage your period. They can last anywhere from 4-10 years depending on what they are made of (check first before you buy!). Owning a menstrual cup can save you around $2400 on menstrual products over 10 years (based on a normal flow for 5 days each period). It could save you even more if you have a heavy period. 

Menstrual cups also help divert disposable products from landfills. You can save around 39.5 kgs of menstrual waste from the environment every 10 years (the life of 1 cup).

There are many different kinds of menstrual cups available on the market which means that there is one out there perfect for your body! 

We provide 1 menstrual cup and options of backs pads or a pair of period underwear in our Good Fund packs. 

*Disposable Pads and Tampons take 500-800 years to break down (biodegrade) in landfills. Now that they seal landfills, the lack of water and oxygen required to help these products biodegrade means they will be around a lot longer than that. 

Social Impact of Reusable Menstrual Products


The impact of using reusable menstrual products is astounding! Even though we get phenomenal feedback from our customers and community groups we still cannot quantify the far reaching effects of how reusable products can change a persons life. Once people understand the waste involved with single use products, they often think about other ways to make small changes to help heal the planet. 

  • Cost

    Real savings to a person over the life of having periods equates to an average spend of $8400.00 on single use products. This can contribute to real life consequences when you may have more than 1 person menstruating in your household.

  • Health

    Menstrual Cups collect rather than absorbing, they do not contain harmful unknown chemicals and keep your vagina health balanced. Cloth pads and period underwear allow your body to breathe, no plastic close to your body. A healthy body ensures you can get on with life!

  • Empower

    Reusable menstrual products empower people as they don't have to worry about the financial burden of single-use products and they give them more freedom. 

  • Waste

    A person can dispose an average of 138 kgs of soiled, single use menstrual products over the life of their period. This takes between 500-800 years to break down, and only if exposed to air and water. Most landfills are now sealed so menstrual waste will be the legacy we leave for future generations. 

  • Environment

    A cleaner, greener planet and healthy waterways. A healthier planet for our family and future generations.

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