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The Mission of The Good Fund

We want to improve our communities and environment in the following ways:


  • EDUCATING: Providing education to all those who wish to try reusable menstrual products. See our educational series here:
  • SUSTAINABILITY: By reducing the amount of waste to landfill by promoting reusable menstrual products.
  • BEING INCLUSIVE: By offering all types of reusable menstrual products to give each person a choice.
  • COLLABORATIVE: Collaborating with like-minded people and businesses to eradicate period poverty in NZ communities.


Over the course of menstrual lifetime, a person can spend an average of around $8400.00 on disposable menstrual products. If they are not able to afford these products, they must ask for help, over and over, every single month.



These products are not only in unsustainable on a community level, they are also polluting our environment. Disposable Period products can take 500-800 years to break down in landfill when exposed to the right conditions, however modern-day landfills are fundamentally anaerobic meaning little air and no water gets in, so nothing breaks down.


The biggest question is: “Why don’t more people use reusable products like menstrual cups, cloth pads and period underwear?”

There are people who, for cultural or personal reasons, cannot use a menstrual cup and one of the next biggest barriers to accessing reusable menstrual products is cost. Although reusable menstrual products equate to savings over a longer-term, the initial setup cost is a barrier for many people and can mean that access to sustainable menstrual solutions is just not possible.

The Good Fund aims to help those who cannot access these products. Its mahi is to help make reusable menstrual products more accessible to those that cannot afford to invest in the future of their period.

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