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Monthly Essential Item Sponsorship

Each month we have an extra special essential item that goes into our packs - donated from the following companies! If you are a NZ business that woudl like to sponsor products into our packs please email us

Working together makers us stronger!


300 Shampoo Bars

Ethique is sponsoring us 300+ shampoo bars for the remainder of 2020!

Bento Ninja

100 Sets of Stainless Steel Pegs

Norijo from Bento Ninja is sponsoring us 100 sets of 20 stainless steel pegs.



July 2020 Packs

Miabelle is donating shampoo bars to go in our packs this month!

Do Gooder

Do Gooder

Do Gooder donates toothbrushes on a regular basis for our packs each month!



June 2020 Packs

Ecostore donated 72 Ecostore soaps for our packs

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Easter 2020 Packs

Whitakkers sponsored a big box of chocolate squares to go in our boxes that lasted for a couple of months!

Brand Support

These reusable menstrual product brands support The Good Fund by supplying donated products or a percentage of profit to The Good Fund. If you would like to help us by donating product or a percentage of sales please email us

Bear & Moo

Hannah donates 10% of all sales of reusable menstrual products back to The Good Fund



Breastmates donated 71 beautiful reusable cloth pads

Red Fox Resuables

RedFox donated a set of quality handmade cloth pads

Haakaa Menstrual Cups

Haakaa Donates menstrual cups to our community outreach programs

Want to donate?

If you would like to donate to The Good Fund we welcome your help!

Get in touch with us to support The Good Fund

Make sure you check out our instagram page to keep up to date with our mahi. Upcoming events to raise funds are "Fill-A-Bag" which will be run on the weekend 22nd & 23rd June 2018 in all main centres. 


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